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My new kitty isn’t getting along with my other pets. How can I make them get along?

For a cat, it’s all about territory. One of the most important steps to creating a peaceful house is making sure the cat(s) feel they have enough territory. Territory can include perches, scratching posts, food, litter boxes, sleeping spots and much more.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to decide what or where their territory is in the home. If your cat isn’t using his perch, it may need to be relocated to a more desirable area in the home. If your cat is attacking, causing injury to another pet, or acting fearful due to the other pets in the home, it is vital to get professional help. This scenario can be tricky, as it involves deeper behavior issues and should be addressed on a case by case basis. Cats are not like dogs. They will not “work it out” or “just get use to it”.

My cat will all of a sudden attack me. How can I stop this aggression?

First, aggression regardless of the reason is a serious issue. Cat bites can be deadly and when they happen, first aid needs to be addressed immediately. The good news is most cat bites can be prevented.

When a cat bites or attacks its owner unprovoked, it can be one or a combination of reasons. The most common reason is over stimulation due to too much, or not enough, play and/or petting. Cats are natural hunters, so it’s important to play with your cat routinely with a toy they can stalk, chase, catch, kick and bite.

It’s also important to read your cat’s body postures. Is your cat’s body posture indicating that he’s had too much play or petting? Respect their form of communication, and allow them some time to calm down before resuming play or petting.

There are several causes of aggression. In order to accurately diagnose the reason, a professional should be hired to observe the behaviors and create a plan with the owner and potentially the cat’s veterinarian.