Cat Behavior & Training

With a few cat training tips and some patience …

… it is absolutely possible to change that “driving me crazy” cat behavior problem. One key solution is to introduce enrichment activities that exercises your cat’s mind and body, and provide him with a comforting environment. They may seem aloof and independent, but in reality, domestic cats require stimulation, playtime, and human companionship to be content. It is truly possible to train your misbehaving kitty to be a Good Kitty. Learn a few feline enrichment tips that you can start doing right now.

First, cats do not have complex emotions like jealousy or resentment like humans do. If your cat is misbehaving, there is a valid reason and it’s his way of alerting you. Has your living routine changed in your household? Is there a new kitty in the home? Have you recently moved? All these (and more) household occurrences can shift a cat’s behavior, but they don’t act out from jealousy or resentment.

Read Good Kitty’s Cat Behavior Blog to help resolve some of the following common cat behavior issues:

peeing/pooping outside litter box
AGGRESSIVE: unprovoked attacks
INTRODUCTIONS: not getting along with other pets
difficulty coexisting
FEAR: scared
DESTRUCTION: scratching
getting into or knocking over items
KITTEN ISSUES: plays hard
too much energy
too needy
bites or scratches
VOCAL: meowing too much
too loud
excessively at night
EATING DISORDERS: eats too much
eats too quickly then vomits
suckles or chews on unusual items


The reason why our feline friends act out and exhibit undesirable behaviors isn’t a one-answer-fits-all solution. Certainly it would make our lives easier if it was, but their behaviors are just as complex as their large cat relatives. One thing is for sure is that enrichment activities and a little patience have proven to be essential for improving your cat’s behavior issue and strengthening your bond with him.