Consultation Fees

What You Can Expect

Billie doesn’t give you a tidbit of information and then leave you hanging. She takes the time to understand your concerns, customizes your solutions, assists you with in-home training, and follows up with your progress. She knows that you are motivated to get back to a happy and balanced household.

Basic Clicker Training (60 minutes) – $60.00*
Learn the basics of clicker training and teach your cat to sit, high five, sit pretty, etc. on cue. You can start training at all ages of their life and clicker training reinforces the your bond with your cat. (Includes a training clicker.)

Behavior Consulting (60-90 minutes) – $120.00*

  • Initial phone call with Billie Reynolds to gather basic information and discuss your cat’s behavior issue. A questionnaire may need to be completed before setting up an in-home consultation. (Please Note: Behavior advice cannot be given prior to a consultation.)
  • In-home consultation where Billie will ask thorough and detailed questions about your cat and ask how frequently you are able/willing to train your cat.
  • Meeting your cat(s), and viewing their home environment, is an important next step. She will immediately make suggestions and put together an action plan for you to begin. This can include useful tips, training demonstrations, possible environment changes, and on-going behavior modification techniques.
  • A complete report of your in-home consultation will be emailed to you for further reference.
  • A follow-up consultation will be assessed through a phone call or in person. This may or may not be necessary depending on your cat’s progress and if any hurdles are still present.

Additional Consultations (30-60 minutes) – $70.00*
Sometimes additional meetings are necessary for complex behavior issues. Usually, this involves more than one cat, and resolutions need to be broken down into multiple steps and training sessions. This is only for an “as needed” basis.

*Additional charges may apply for travel and multiple cat households.

Cash, Checks, or Money Orders are accepted at this time.