There are several reasons why a cat would stop using the litter box – medical reasons, anxiety, or location preferences – to name a few. It’s important to rule out possible medical reasons first by taking your cat to your veterinarian. If the cause is medically related, behavior advice will not help.

Once medical concerns are ruled out, the next step is to remember that your cat’s behavior isn’t because your kitty is mad or upset. Cats use urine to communicate to other cats. It’s my job to educate you, the owner, to understand what your cat is trying to say.

The solution to each cat is individual, but here are some basic tips to set your cat up for success:

  1. Provide one additional litter box than number of cats in your home
  2. Place those litter boxes in separate areas of your house (not all in the basement)
  3. Use a fine grain litter and scoop daily
  4. Don’t change the brand of litter if your cat uses it. A common mistake is when people buy brand A, and then buy brand B next month because it is on sale. To the cat, it smells different and maybe feels/looks different. Simple changes like that are enough to create a house soiling kitty!
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