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Billie Reynolds and Sasha
Billie Reynolds
Cat Behavior Specialist and Certified Trainer

In the Media

As a Cat Behavior Specialist and Certified Trainer for over 8 years at the nationally recognized animal shelter Dumb Friends League (DFL), Billie has created public awareness programs about normal cat behavior, cat behavior issues and cat training. She is their “go-to” person for assessing, selecting, training, and handling shelter cats for promotional videos and live telethons. You can see her work in the following videos:

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Need a New Wingman?


Billie has spoken with hundreds of cat lovers at CatFest and many DFL cat events, as well as led the “Cat Experience” booth at the largest animal shelter fundraiser, the Furry Scurry in Denver, Colorado. Her expertise is also in demand at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley consulting with cat owners and future adopters about cat behavior and training.

Read about Billie’s techniques in The Denver Post article, Cats’ Command Performance Just A Click And A Treat Away or see her comments to a few common cat behavior questions that she hears everyday.

Approach and Philosophy

In the past, trainers have used negative reinforcement to change feline behaviors, which have caused greater complications and deep-seated behavior issues. Billie uses only POSITIVE reinforcement and enrichment techniques that are extremely successful. Her approach is proactive and represents a preventative attitude towards cat behavior. She continues to educate the public on the true essence and personality of the domesticated cat, which has led to strengthening the cat/human bond for all her clients.

Affiliations and Education

In addition to her cat behavior experience, Billie is affiliated with the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers and is a supporting member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. This double-expertise provides her with a larger knowledge base to successfully work with multiple pet households.

Billie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Colorado State University and performed her Zookeeper internship at The Denver Zoo. She then turned her attention to the welfare, education and training of domestic animals. Understanding innate wildlife behaviors and the natural history of cats and dogs is instrumental to Billie’s training success.