• Litter Box Problems?
    Litter Box Problems?

    There are several reasons why a cat would stop using the litter box – medical reasons, anxiety, or location preferences to name a few. It’s important to rule out…
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  • Cat Introductions
    Cat Introductions

    It’s all about territory. One of the most important steps to creating a peaceful house is making sure the cat(s) feel they have enough territory… > continue reading

  • Feline Aggression
    Feline Aggression

    When a cat bites or attacks its owner unprovoked, it can be one or a combination of reasons. The most common reason is over stimulation due to too much, or not enough, play and/or petting… > continue reading

Billie Reynolds - Cat Behavior Specialist and Certified TrainerGood News!
Most Cat Behavior Problems Can Be Resolved.

Billie Reynolds, Good Kitty's Cat Behavior Specialist and Certified Trainer, has educated hundreds of cat lovers and provided practical solutions that effectively change unwanted cat behavior. Her wealth of knowledge and experience, both personally and professionally, can help you answer your simplest questions to solving your most frustrating cat issues. And, she has a way of making it fun for everyone.

Cat Behavior Consulting
Cat Behavior Consulting

Good Kitty’s primary focus is to help you understand your cat. Using only positive reinforcement and enrichment techniques, Good Kitty provides you with proven in-home solutions to common cat behavior problems – successfully getting you back to a happy and balanced household.

Cat Clicker Training
Cat Clicker Training

Cats are just as trainable as dogs and can be trained at all stages of their life. Cat clicker training is a fun way to communicate with your furry friend even though you don’t speak “cat”. You may be skeptical, but check out Billie’s cat clicker training video to see your cat’s potential!